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Mumokan: CASE 22. KASHAPA'S FLAG POLE Ananda asked Maha Kashapa, "Buddha gave you the golden woven robe of successorship. What else did he give you?" Kashapa said, "Ananda!" "Yes!" answered Ananda. "Knock down the flagpole at the gate!" said Kashapa. Mumon's Comments: If you can give a "turning word" (a momentous word for awakening), you will see the meeting at Mount Grdhrahuta? still in session. If not, no matter how much you make struggles to study from the age of Vipasyin, you cannot attain enlightenment. How is Ananda's question, compared to Kashapa's answer of heart. How many people have since then opened their eyes. Elder brother calls and younger brother answers--the family disgrace. This spring does not belong to Yin and Yang.

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